The System-Mold company was founded in 1991, since then we have dedicated our activity exclusively to the high-quality polishing process in different sectors, molds, matrices and special parts…

Polishing plays an important role both aesthetically and functionally, but the process is not always an exact science, where the finishes are repeated identically on every piece.

In the final quality of the process, several factors are involved such as: the quality of the materials, thermal treatments, machining, etc…

Polishing, as it is a practically manual process, will depend above all on the “know-how ” of the professional who performs it to obtain good results.

After many years of training and learning, dexterity is acquired, which combines technical knowledge and great manual mastery.

The search for solutions and the finishes that we can develop in SYSTEM-MOLD, would define us as ” polishing craftsmen “. An art that the company has been practicing for more than 30 years.